Weight Loss

Obesity is a huge problem in the United States. I have developed a program that has helped patients lose weight, feel better, and gain muscle. Patients achieve gradual weight loss starting in the first month (avg weight loss 4-6 pounds).

There are 3 parts that make up the plan:

  1. Lab work/Comprehensive Exam
  2. Nutrition Plan
  3. Medicines/Supplements/Injections/Peptides

Supplements/Peptides we offer:

  1. AOD (peptide) – Growth hormone peptide that helps you lose weight
  2. Amlexanox(peptide) – Inhibits the enzyme TBK1 which can help with weight loss and boosts insulin sensitivity
  3. CJC and Tesamorelin (peptide)
  4. Mots-c – A mitochondrial peptide that helps you lose weight via improving insulin sensitivity and increasing NAD
  5. Saxenda GLP1 agonist that boosts insulin sensitivity and activates a gut hormone that makes you feel full.
  6. Liraglutide
  7. Phentermine
  8. Naltrexone/Wellbutrin – Helps control dopamine and control hormones in the brain that affect weight gain 

Dr. Paulvin will develop a weight loss program specifically for you.


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