Sports Medicine & Athlete Optimization

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Manual therapy meets Functional Medicine. Are you injured or fatigued, looking to heal or to optimize but you don’t have time to spread yourself thin between multiple doctors? At my practice, osteopathic manipulation and functional medicine combine to fast track healing, recovery and biomechanics to progress your athleticism. I combine lab testing and reviews, lifestyle wellness, and manual therapy to treat injuries, inflammation and help get you back on the field, court and/or game-of-life faster.


Improved Energy

Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells, and the production of ATP are where much of our energy comes from. If we’re working on root cause healing we’ll often address you on a cellular level and make sure you’re properly fueling, recovering and taking care of your mitochondria. We can address this through supplements, light, temperature, HIIT, sleep hygiene, PEMF & programmatic fasting. We’ll put together a comprehensive program that focuses on energy production, maximization & maintenance.

1. Photobiomodulation
2. PEMFNutrition & Supplement Program
3. Quantified tech
4. IV therapy
5. Peptide therapy

Physical Performance Optimization

Physical performance optimization in multi-factoral. By utilizing osteopathic techniques and integrative medicine we address your entire system to see where inefficiencies and dysfunction may lie and work up from there. You can’t build a strong house without a solid base so make sure your biomechanics, spine, joints & tendons are in good shape and move toward optimization.

1. Peptide therapy
2. Manual therapy, Cupping & Dry Needling
3. Compression boots
5. Natural pain reducing injections
6. Health quantification – Heads Up Health
7. Exogenous Ketones
8. NORMATEC Compression boots

Mental Performance Optimization

Mental health cannot be separated from physical health. This is demonstrated in the risk of physical injury and delaying subsequent recovery in those who express mental health symptoms and disorders. Competitive pressure and high alert emotional states have been shown to reduce the chances of reaching peak physical performance and “choking”. Through mindset training, we can help you get into flow, harness proper brain wave functions and create active change in your mindset.

1. Health quantification – Heads Up Health
2. Neurodiagnostic Testing – Brain Gauge
3. Cognitive Optimization – RG3, Oxytocin, Nootropics
4. Peptide therapy
5. Neurostimulation – Wavi and/or Plato Brain Stimulator
6. Balance Brain states – Brain Tap & Halo Sport
7. Inflammation & Stress Reducing tools – NucalmHormone & neurotransmitter testing
8. Ketones

Quantified Progression

Quantified self for the performance athlete. We will layer tech on top of base-level data to understand how exercise, food & your lifestyle truly impacts you. We’ll use Heads Up Health, an Oura Ring, Continuous Glucose Monitors, Movement trackers like Whoop or the Apple Watch & various apps to identify how your body responds to stimuli and stress. We’ll work together to help you understand and maximize on that data so you can create a continuous feedback loop with the help of data. We’ll begin with the end in mind; optimizing your recovery, rehab & progress toward peak performance.

1. Heads Up Health
2. Neurodiagnostic Testing – Brain Gauge
3. Neurostimulation – Wavi and/or Plato Brain Stimulator
4. Inflammation & Stress Reducing tools – Nucalm
5. Balance Brain states – Brain Tap & Halo Sport


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