Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Injury Recovery & Pain Relief

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Nagging pain, recurrent injury or unknown ache? As an Osteopathic physician, my specialty is manual therapy to diagnose, treat, and alleviate injury and pain by assessing the body as a system. I use a multi-modal approach to manual therapy to promote blood flow, reduce restrictions and relieve misalignments in the body. Through manipulations, lab reviews, injections & technology, physical imbalances are addressed from a holistic and 360-degree approach. By aligning manual therapy and functional medicine, we are able to get to the root cause of what ales you. A layered and personalized approach to movement improvement and long-term wellness. Interested? 



Given the myriad of symptoms Fibromyalgia can cause, partnering with an expert who can work with you on a multifaceted and individualized treatment approach, is vital. Alterations in treatment strategies, especially during a flare, are necessary given the numerous contributing factors to pain amplification.

We work together and review your lab results, current lifestyle and mindset to identify potential macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies, stealth infections, inflammatory markers, gut dysbiosis, as well as your potential toxic burden. After an extensive review, we put together a progressive, complimentary and comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your lifestyle, mindfulness and body-based program to work on the root cause while mitigating your potentially debilitating symptoms. Pain management is achieved through injections, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Peptide therapy and Osteopathic Manipulation.

1. OMT
2. Peptides
3. LDN (Low-dose naltrexone)
4. Supplement program
5. Diet & lifestyle modifications


Headaches can be triggered by lifestyle choices, hormone imbalances, bulging discs, muscular pain and a variety of other issues. Headaches usually require a multi-modality approach where the inflammation source is reduced through lifestyle modifications, manipulations, stretching, injections, and at-home mobility work.

1. Osteopathic Manipulation
2. Lifestyle recommendations
3. Dry needling
4. Supplements
5. Myofascial therapy
6. Home mobility program

Back Pain 

Back Pain can arise from spinal disc damage, incorrect posture, organ issues, overuse and more. Depending on whether the pain is chronic or acute treatment can be a combination of physical adjustments, dynamic stretching, homeopathic injections, lifestyle modifications, red light therapy, and technology.

1. Osteopathic Manipulation
2. Dynamic stretching
3. Dry needling
4. Lifestyle modifications
5. Supplements
6. Peptides
7. Neural Prolotherapy
8. LDN (Low-dose naltrexone)


The treatment of joint pain begins with decreasing inflammation throughout the body. This is achieved through various diet and lifestyle modifications, peptides, Osteopathic manipulation, Dry needling, Traumeel or Prolotherapy injections, and Red light therapy.

1. Peptides
2. Traumeel
3. Neural Prolotherapy
4. Osteopathic Manipulation
5. Red light therapy


TMJ is treated by progressive Osteopathic manipulation (OMT), Craniosacral therapy and peptides when necessary.

1. OMT
2. Craniosacral therapy
3. Peptides

Plantar Fasciitis

PF can be extremely difficult to deal with since it affects you first in the morning. There are numerous treatments that can be used to help. I find Osteopathic Manipulation is best to address the bones and muscles, meanwhile, Taumeel injections and peptides help mitigate and depress the pain.

1. Osteopathic Manipulation
2. Traumeel injection
3. Peptide therapy

Rotator Cuff Tear

When a rotator tear happens there is often a snapping sensation, acute pain and immediate weakness of the arm. Treatment can include OMT, peptide and Traumeel injections, exosome injections, dry needling to break up muscle spasm and reduce restriction. Infrared red light therapy can also help with pain as well.

1. Osteopathic Manipulation
2. Peptides
3. Traumeel injections E
4. Xosome injections
5. Dry needling
6. Red light therapy


Nerve pain treatments should be complementary, layered and programmatic. Assessments may include lab work looking for vitamin deficiencies and autoimmune issues, an EMG to record nerve damage or an autonomic reflex test. To reduce chronic nerve pain, injections like peptides or neural prolotherapy are fantastic. For others, we can explore exosome injections.

1. Peptides
2. Neural Prolotherapy
3. Exosomes

Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasm can lead to acute or chronic pain, headaches, decreased range of motion, numbness and outright disability. Using a multi-modality approach to quell spasms and alleviate symptoms I use gua sha, dry needling, and cupping, Spascupreel injections or peptide injections, as well as Osteopathic Manipulation.

1. Gua Sha
2. Dry needling
3. Cupping
4. Spascupreel injections
5. Peptide therapy
6. OMT


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