IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin therapy is the only delivery method that provides 100% bioavailability via direct delivery to the bloodstream; bypassing any obstacles in the digestive system that may hinder absorption.

Our extensive selection of intravenous nutrient therapies & functional boosters – vitamins, minerals, peptides and amino acids – are custom tailored to your individual needs and administered by our highly skilled team. The first step is a 10 minute virtual consultation with Dr. Paulvin to go over your upcoming IV. If you would like a more extensive healing or optimization protocol, a regular appointment should be booked and a programmatic plan can be put in place to include supplements and at home injections between IV treatments.

*House/Office calls should be booked 48 hours in advance. If needed sooner sometimes we can accommodate.

Dr. Paulvin offers on-site manipulations, functional medicine appointments, blood draws & other biohacking treatments for individuals or parties. Email drpaulvin@doctorpaulvin.com directly if you would like to schedule a Biohacking Party in the Hamptons.


IV & Booster Menu


GLUTATHIONE: Increase the master antioxidant in your body to help reduce inflammation, detoxify your liver & cells, strength the immune system, improve your skin & decrease muscle & joint discomfort.

600-1200 mg $119

1200+ mg $199

*Treatments are recommended 1-5 times per week.

* Time: 30 – 60 min

NAD+ : One of the most essential molecules in your body needed for every single cell with immediate and long term results. Maximize brain function, beat fatigue, regenerate cellular function and slow aging with one drip or a series of NAD+ infusions.

500 mg (low dose) $799

750 mg (high dose) $999

*Benefits in 1 treatment; recommended 6 treatments.

*Time: 2-4 hours depending on strength chosen

MYERS COCKTAIL: The most famous IV to prime the immune system with six B vitamins, C, Selenium, Magnesium & Calcium. Support energy production, brain clarity, seasonal allergies, acute muscle spams & more.


*Time: 30 minutes

IMMUNE BOOST: Our Myers Cocktail + Glutathione to restore and enhance the immune system with vitamins, minerals & powerful immune supporting antioxidants.


*Add Thymosin Alpha 1 peptide for $100

BRAIN POWER: Are you in the middle of a big project, need a motivation boost or have a fast approaching deadline? Is it getting harder for you to concentrate for longer periods of time? Do you have brain fog or trouble getting motivated to work? With our complex blend of vitamins and antioxidants you will feel the cognitive effects immediately. This IV is the secret of many top performing executives given it provides a boost in mental acuity, nourishes and protects the brain and encourages focus and concentration. The base IV is a blend of complex B vitamins, Carnitine and followed by a Glutathione push.


*Time: 1-2 hours

*Add Nasal NAD, Semax, Methylene Blue , Exogenous Ketones for the
limitless package

Nasal Nad $110

Semax nasal spray $110

Methylene Blue $150

PERFORM: When you are pushing your body to the max and want optimal performance with a speedy recovery, all while avoiding fatigue and supporting muscle fiber and collagen repair. B vitamins , amino acids, C, and Carnitine combine to support improved recovery times after a tough workout. Thymosin Beta 4, the “warrior peptide” can be added to your IV to support faster healing times. Based on your goals you can also add in electrolytes, NAC, CJC 1295, Epicatechin , BPC 157.


$100 adding in Thymosin Beta 4

*IV takes 90-120 minutes

HANGOVER & JET LEG: After a fun night out or to prepare for a hectic travel schedule there’s nothing better than a re-up of essential nutrients your body has lost. Improve your hydration, electrolyte balance and regain your momentum in life with this IV.


*Time: 60 -90 minutes

*+ $109 for glutathione push

WEIGHT LOSS: Do you want that extra edge to help you accomplish your weight loss goals? It’s time for you to start getting active at the cellular level. Although there is no magic diet pill that will give you instant results, our metabolism boosting IV is a natural alternative that will help you reach your weight goals quicker and easier. We combine Methionine, Inositol, Choline and Carnitine which helps to speed up the metabolism, increase energy & burn fat.


*Time: 90-120

*Nutritional plans and oral medication can be added as part of the
weight loss program.

VITAMIN C: For chronic illness, an immunity boost, acute sickness, Lyme and/or to accompany a detox – Vitamin C has so many benefits. You can choose low dose or high depending on your goal. Low dose Vitamin C is a 15 mg booster and can be combined with B vitamins and glutathione. High Dose Vitamin C is for root cause healing and can be combined with other treatments to support.

Vitamin C Boost


Time: 1 hour

High Dose Vitamin C

25mg-50 mg


Time: 2 hours

75-100 mg


Time: 3 hours

LYSINE: An essential amino acid that is a building block for protein but not produced naturally by your body, so it must be obtained from diet or supplementation. L-Lysine has been proven to improve calcium absorption, aid in the formation of collagen, and aid in immune system support and the production of antibodies to quell viral infections.


Time: 60 minutes

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: A powerful antioxidant recognized for its many benefits in healing, beauty and weight loss. ALA is found in every cell of your body, however things like stress, disease, medications, toxins and aging can lead to reduced levels. By helping your body restore or regenerate levels of vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione supports your mitochondria, opens up detox pathways and reduces neuropathy symptoms.


Time: 60 minutes

PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE: Support your cell membranes for a multitude of benefits. PC increases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain which is associated with memory. It also helps the liver repair and protect against NSAIDs gastrointestinal side effects. It’s recommended to have a series of PC IV’s versus just one for the true benefit.

$399 each

Package of 5 $1750

Package of 10 $3250

Time: 2-3 hours

CEREBROLYSIN: A neurotrophic peptide with multimodality pharmacological properties that support the endogenous repair and recovery of degenerative disease as well as protect against pathological events caused by these neurological diseases. This peptide penetrates the blood-brain barrier, meaning it reaches neurons directly and both helps to protect and repair. It can impact both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Cerebrolysin can be beneficial in the treatment of stroke, traumatic brain injury, vascular dementia and Alzeimers.


Time: 60 mins


Don’t have the time for an IV? Luckily, you’re minutes away from improved energy, brain function & performance with a booster.

METHYLCOBALAMIN: Promote internal energy, brain function, cell function and weight loss. Booster can be done once a week or once a month.


MIC: Helps control hunger and the body burn burn fat.

$89 once a week

$300 Series of 4

VITAMIN D: Vitamin D helps the body boost the immune system, energy levels and electrolyte balance.


MOTS-C: A mitochondrial supporting peptide that has been shown to help insulin sensitivity, energy levels, workout performance and more. Mots-C is found in higher concentrations in centurion populations, increases AmpK, beta oxidation, metabolic homeostasis and mitochondrial efficiency to help your body work more optimally.


$600 Series of 4

Recommended program: 1-3 times for at least 4 weeks

PT 141: Improve your libido, desire and/or ED. Appropriate for men and women.


BPC 157: Known as the Body Protective Compound peptide, BPC157 is well known for it’s repair capabilities, promotion of healing in muscles and organs, digestive repair benefits, neuroprotective effects. If you’re looking to heal your brain, muscles, ligaments, joints or gut inflammation this peptide can help.


THYMOSIN BETA 4: Helps the body recover from surgery, injury, workouts & is a major compliment to BPC157 in bodily repair.


EPITALON: Known as the Longevity peptide. Epitalon has been shown to regulate the pineal gland and is a powerful telomerase activator which are both important in anti-aging.

0.15 mg (low dose)


10 mg every 3 days for 15 days (high dose)


L-CARNITINE: Improves energy levels, fat loss & mitochondrial function.


ARGININE/CITRULLINE: Amino acid precursors to well-known vasodialator Nitric Oxide, this combination supports improved blood flow that you can see benefit in via exercise performance, mood, mental performance and ED.



Can be done once a week starting at 50 mg and tapering up to 100 mg.

First booster: 30 minutes


Package of 5 $450

THYMOSIN ALPHA 1: A potential immune modulating peptide that is
suggested prior to other peptide IV’s to prime the immune system if
one has an autoimmune condition. TA1 has a multitude of immune and
anti-aging effects. The dose is recommended at 1.5 mg each week or at
smaller doses daily.

1.5 mg dose $99

0.15 $59

GHK-CU: A potent peptide that supports and improves the function of skin and hair health. It’s properties are purely positive in their effect on the body, brain and longevity factors.


**Prices above are for in-office.

In-home prices:

Additional Nurse house call fee $100

Additional Doctor House Call fee $400


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