Inflammation, Mold & Detox Impairment

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Are you feeing the effects of chronic inflammation? Have you been exposed to mold or suspect your environment is wreaking havoc on your health? Let’s work together to identify the root cause of your imbalances and put together a comprehensive lifestyle and treatment program to get you on a path to healing. Lab tests and reviews, lifestyle modifications and biomechanical adjustments work synergistically to improve your detox potential.


Chronic Inflammation 

Acute inflammation is normal, as it’s the immune system’s response to injury and infection. It helps our body heal and repair damaged tissues, defend against foreign viruses and bacteria, however, it’s when that inflammation becomes chronic is when we see a problematic effect on the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to autoimmune disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Erectile Dysfunction, Hypermobility, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and a myriad of other issues that can manifest in the tissues, joints, gut, brain, and cells.

Taking a functional and osteopathic approach to reduce inflammation we work on lifestyle, nutrition, movement & layer in manual therapy to help the body heal quicker. Moving lymph through cupping, dry needling, manipulations, injections & more we’re able to shift your body into a relaxed state to bring about a progressive change in the way your body responds to stress.

Mold Toxicity

Mold toxicity is an illness that some patients may not know they have until the symptoms are extreme. Mold toxins suppress the immune system, damage and kill cells, impair mitochondrial function and the nervous system. Mold toxicity appears in isolation but also in conjunction with Lyme Disease or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Symptoms that you could be suffering from mold exposure or toxicity include brain fog, nosebleeds, muscle twitches, poor temperature control and more.

A thorough lab and mobility evaluation is the first part of the treatment to identify if and where inflammation is showing up. After labs are reviewed a treatment program is decided upon that combines eastern and western medicine. We will establish an herbal protocol with binders to the infection and inflammation, and lifestyle additions such as infrared heat, a sauna or PEMF to aid in the elimination of toxins. We may also incorporate manual therapy, gua-sha and lymphatic drainage treatments such as cupping, to accelerate healing.

1. Herbal protocol
2. Supplement program
3. Gua-Sha
4. Cupping
6. Peptide therapy

*Patients in the NY area receive discounts at local treatment centers like Higher Dose to complement their treatments

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome 

Mast Cells are found in your bone marrow and around the blood vessels in your body. As a part of your immune system they respond in-kind when they think your body is exposed to stress or danger, unfortunately, their signaling dysfunction causes them to release too much of a substance at the wrong time. The resulting symptoms can include hives, fatigue, neuropathy as well as manifest in other ways.

Treatment at my practice includes a full panel of labs, a comprehensive review, listening to symptoms a complete treatment plan that can be devised. Treatments can include putting the patient on a quality supplement program, specific prescriptions and/or the use of technology at home or in-office to mitigate symptoms and accelerate treatment.

1. RX
2. Supplement program
3. Technology

Detox Impairment

Starting with a thorough analysis of your detox pathways, we determine how well your body processes toxins. This is important before starting a detox treatment especially if you want to limit a herx reaction. Utilizing supplements, injections, manual therapy, massage, cupping and various modalities we can improve your detox and lymphatic system.

1. Supplement program
2. Osteopathic Manipulation
3. Gua Sha
4. Dry needling
5. Cupping
6. Red Light Therapy
8. Peptide therapy


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