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Whether you’re new or a veteran biohacker this option may be for you. Your program will be progressive, personalized and focused on optimizing your true potential – may that be physically, mentally, both or beyond. 

Combining integrative biohacking, functional medicine and hyper-personal science-backed approach to longevity we will work to accelerate your goals through a synergistic and multi-modal approach to personalized precision medicine.  We can work together in-person, remotely or a combination of both.

This is an a la carte style program. If you’re interested in a comprehensive package that includes continuous care then see the Biohacking Wellness package

Biohacking Tools

• Consultation at the office or remotely (state-dependent)

• Advanced lab testing & review

• Data quantification with Heads Up Health 


• Cellular rejuvenation

• Injections – Glutathione, B12, MIC

• NAD patches

• Mitochondrial support

• Bioidentical hormones 

• Osteopathic Manipulation

• Manual therapy, Cupping, Dry needling, Trigger point therapy

• IV therapy

• Neurohacking – Halo Sport

• Photobiomodulation – intranasal, in-ear, skin

• Lymphatic drainage – Compression Boots 

• Detox – Higher Dose Blanket 

• Nootropics


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