Referring Offices

We Appreciate Our Referring Offices!

We had an amazing time at our referring office appreciation event! Thank you to all of the offices that were able to come. We had some great giveaways including, an Apple TV, Angel baseball tickets, Fit bit, and much more!

We would like to thank our referring offices for the trust you have in us and the patients you send to our specialty practice. To show our appreciation we have fun give aways for the offices that your office can enter into. We give away things from movie tickets to TV’s. If your office has any questions about our next give away or our office feel free to reach out to us!

Give us a call 949-540-9891 to refer a patient or if you are low on referral brochures.

Our Referring offices send their patients to us to have root canal treatment done by one of our specialists. Once we have finished the procedure, the patient will return to their referring general dentist to have the permanent restoration completed. We will send you a full report of the consultation and the treatment that was done on the patient. 

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