Top 10 wellness trends that will boom in 2019

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We are now seeing the good and bad of light. More and more people are now wearing blue light blocking glasses such as True Dark or Swanstick since artificial light can affect your melatonin levels and your theta and delta sleep waves.

Light is also being used for good. Products such as Joovv which uses red light to help with inflammation, improve collagen, and increase testosterone. Lightstim bed can help with inflammation. Vielight has a product that can cause photobiomodulation. Which is the ability to use light for detox and help the brain.


The Mitochondria has become a star. It helps produce energy for your cell and body. Numerous supplements such as NAD+ and PQQ are designed to help the mitochondrion. Fasting has now been shown to help boost Mitochondrial production as well.


It used to be cliche to get your sleep. Now it’s true. Sleep is where the body and muscles recover and growth hormone increases. Literally everyone is monitoring their sleep with an Oura Ring or Whoop. They are seeing how well they sleep and measuring their deep sleep. Checking heart rate variability which measures your autonomic function. Your autonomic system controls your automatic body functions.

It is also matters if you go to sleep at the same time. This can affect how well and how productive your sleep is. It is all about checking your circadian rhythm which is able to keep your body on a regular schedule. More and more research is being done on how to maximize your sleep and more sleep tech is on the way!


If you know me, you know I love my gadgets, and I am excited about the new and improved tech that is available for home use! What people used to have to go to the doctor for, they now have access to on their own. It started with 23 and me giving everyone genetic data. Now you can get most of your labs can be done by direct mail. For example, you can check your cortisol and other hormones at home. If you want to reduce pain or spasm you can get a Hypervolt or TheraGun. There is now at home infrared light beds, mediation headbands, and sauna blankets. The next step is AI medicine like a company called K health which ya using AI to help you diagnose and treat your medical issues.


Everybody uses protein to help them without, or for energy. Now small parts of proteins called Peptides are being used to help patients with everything from Crohn’s Disease to potentially help with erectile dysfunction. BPC-157 can be used to treat Crohn’s and tendon injuries. PT-141 is a peptide that works on the brain to help with erectile dysfunction. AOD can be used for weight loss when combined with Hyaluronic Acid if injected may help cartilage growth.


Everybody wants to maximize their brain. Now the lab work, supplements, and tech is helping people maximize their memory, focus and work performance. Lab testing looking at the fatty acids in the brain can now be done at home to asses damage to the brain. Supplements such as L-Carnitine and Bacopa and Vinpocetine are what we call Nootropics to help your brain perform better. Virtual Reality programs are now being offered in Manhattan to help the brain work better by increasing neuroplasticity. This is the connection between neurons or brain cells.

The connection between the gut and brain through the vagus nerve has now been accepted. Treating the Vagus nerve can now help treat the brain. The polyvagal theory is now developing as a treatment for many things. Neurofeedback and Trans direct cranial stimulation are new technologies that are being used to treat everything from depression and PTSD to memory issues.

We can now treat the brain without prescription meds with side effects!


Fitness is always about the next cool thing. From the next cool gym to go to on-demand fitness. Right now, I see a lot of trends towards how to maximize your workout. There are new Biohacking gyms like Hacd Fitness in Manhattan which can work you out super effectively in just 20 minutes. Recover NYC can help you recover quicker. Gyms are now using Blood Flow Restriction to help maximize your workout with less weight by cutting off blood flow to the muscle. Gyms like Nova Fitness and Shock Therapy are helping athletes build muscle using electric stimulation. Studies are showing this technology is not just for athletes. It has great potential with stroke patients and the elderly who are losing muscle mass.


The Keto diet has become mainstream. The diet is based on eating less than 50 grams of carbs per day. It used to be all about bacon and butter. Now there are plant versions of Keto like those by Dr. Will Cole. There are vegetarian and vegan versions as well. People are now wearing continuous glucose to make sure they are always in Ketosis. Things are always transforming. Now experts are recommending you eat one meal a day in a certain window of time each day .


Everybody knows about glutathione and most know about N-Acetyl Cysteine as great antioxidants. Did you know that the Nrf-2 pathway is also a great antioxidant and can be used in supplement form? This can help us deal with all the oxidative stress our body deals with, especially living in Manhattan.


NAD+ is an important molecule that can affect aging through the SIRT 1 pathway. Low NAD can cause you to age faster. Low NAD can lead to fatigue by causing decreased mitochondria function. Low NAD can also increase oxidative damage to your cells.

NAD is a very important molecule you should be working to increase. This can be done through exercise and fasting. By taking a NAD+ supplement. Now you can also get an IV done.

You will definitely be hearing more about NAD in 2019!

There are many other topics that could have been discussed like new CBD treatments, IV Therapies, and grounding, but I wanted to share a little less mainstream list of what I anticipate we will see more in 2019!

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