It’s mental health awareness month – share these tips with someone who needs them

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Dr. Rachel and I joined forces last week for an IG live for Mental Health Awareness Month. So many are struggling with this, but there are help, hope and things you can do to feel better! In case you missed the live, our best tips are summarized here:

Dr. Rachel’s best mental health tips:

1. Fill your ‘toolbox’ with lots of tools to pull from when you need them. Have at least 3 go-to behaviors that you can pull from that you know will work for you to feel better. A few examples: reach out to a friend or family member, go outside, workout, whatever it is for you, use it!

2. Don’t be in the same 4 walls for 24h! Try to move, go for a workout, get some fresh air! A new perspective can really change our mindset.

3. If you can’t get outside, try deep breathing or meditation, as this is something you can do anywhere and it doesn’t have to be too complicated or elaborate to do its job!

Bottom line – you have to pick what works for YOU when feeling stressed, sad or overwhelmed! In general, having a good routine that focuses on your health behaviors is key: sleep, water consumption, food, and stress management. If you focus on these things you will live a happier and healthier life.

My best mental health tips:

1. Exercise is number 1. Get at least 20 mins in, it increases serotonin and
dopamine, the right chemicals in your brain to make you feel better.

2. Sleep- so important! In a perfect world, get 7h sleep to recover and
lower cortisol

3. Diet! Watch sugar and refined carbs

4. Meditation and breathing is amazing and really works. A simple and effective method is box breathing, take one breath in for 4 secs, hold 4 secs and breathe out for 4.

5. Gut health is key, serotonin and dopamine start in the gut and impacts your mental health

6. Realize you have a problem and find a support system, there are a spectrum of treatments from talk therapy to medications and holistic and traditional.

7. Consider supplements and essential oils, like Lavender, CBD oil and Theanine, to help with symptoms

8. Find your happy– find what works for you! For me it’s running
outside, what is it for you?

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