6 Game-Changing Peptides for Fat Loss

This article will cover: 

1. What are peptides and how do they help burn the fat?

2. What are the 6 best peptides for Fat Loss?

3. What are the various benefits of peptides?

4. What is the advisable dosage for every peptide?

5. How to use growth hormone (peptide) stack?

6. What you should know before adding them to your routine?

What are peptides and how do they help burn the fat?

If you’re a gym enthusiast, or a fitness enthusiast (to cover a broad range of people who like to maintain their body), you might have come across the word “peptide” at least once. Even if you haven’t then there’s no need to bring a baffled look on your face because our guide is going to cover almost everything about this “fat-cutting” substance.

This now common term “Peptides” originated from the basic science of amino acid linking together with the help of peptide bonds. So you can say that peptides are amino acid chains that act as a message-bearer and give instructions to the cells on what to do.

As we all know, amino acid forms the true backbone of the protein molecules. For this reason, peptides are also known as “small” or “little” proteins. They can be taken in pill or powder form, and the most common method of administering is through peptide injections.

They differ than native proteins and come with secondary structure, lower molecular weight, with a greater number and exposure of ionizable groups and hydrophobic groups respectively. [1]

Because of the above stated reasons, peptides contain 50 or fewer amino acids, which also give them different solubility, surface activity, foaming, and emulsifying properties. [2]

So how and why do you gain weight or store fat? Eating excessive sugar and/or carbs increase your blood sugar levels. It triggers the pancreas to subsequently release insulin, which in turn switches on the transportation of glucose into the cells, particularly the liver and muscle cells. Your body keeps storing excess sugar as fat, and if your diet is carbohydrate-dominant, it becomes difficult for the body to burn fat. Excess intake of any macronutrient has ghastly side-effects that can also lead to obesity if not taken care of.

Another reason for gaining weight is the decline of “growth hormones”(GH). One of the world’s best natural tools for a healthy body is Human Growth Hormone. Its decline is directly related to the insulin-like growth factor that is associated with the development of obesity.

Peptides produce GH to bring the levels back to its original state and promote fat burning. Besides this, some gym enthusiasts also use this to enhance their body physique. [3]

Below we are going to cover six best fat loss peptides and how they actually work.

6 Top Peptides for Fat Loss 


Ipamorelin mimics ghrelin, is a “hunger hormone” produced and released in the stomach. It binds to the ghrelin receptor or GH secretagogue receptor in the brain to selectively stimulate GH secretion.

It also improves the overall framework of the body. This peptide works well for the aging patients since the production of GH is naturally low and also shows better results for the physically active ones.

This peptide is the mildest growth hormone-releasing peptide and also the most versatile one. It is said to be the most suitable peptide as it doesn’t induce these side effects like desensitization, hunger stimulation, or unnecessary plasma growth, like other peptides. [5]


AOD9604 is developed by a tiny molecule of human growth hormone (HGH), C-terminus. The formation of HGH gets restrained in obese people, which in turn restricts fat metabolism. This peptide helps in the metabolism of fat.

A trial conducted in 2004 on 300 obese patients by a Melbourne-based biotechnology company, states that they recorded successful weight loss over the course of 12 weeks. Patients were subjected to different doses of it once a day, and the group receiving the 1mg dose lost the most weight with small but consistent improvement in cholesterol levels too. [4]


Tesamorelin works really well if you’re trying to work on that stubborn tummy fat. [6] It contains 44 amino acid polypeptide and is more effective than native HGH because its stability and pharmacokinetics have been improved by altering a portion of the molecule.

You can also call it the “best peptide for female fat loss” as this peptide is said to work best on a specific area, since its original use is to cut down visceral adiposity, that is, the excessive active fat around the centre of the body. [7] Tesamorelin has also been assessed to use as peptide therapy of insulin resistance, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver.

CJC1925 (DAC)

This peptide has an advantage over others since it’s not limited by its short duration of action. For this reason, it is known as a long-acting GHRH. [8] A study conducted on some participants between the ages of 21-61 year showed its prolonged increase in the levels of GH and was very well tolerated by the participants. It is termed as a potential therapeutic agent because it doesn’t harm the body if taken according to the prescribed dosage.

It promotes lean body mass, boosts muscle gain and increases optimal strength. It can be used for a relatively short period since it lengthens the duration of GH secretion.

For people into bodybuilding, it offers the best solution as it helps in building lean muscle mass.


GHRP-6 stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Hexepeptide and contains a 28 amino acid peptide. This HGH secretagogue promotes GH emission that increases body mass with a substantial reduction in body fat. [9]

It increases both GH and insulin-like growth factor, IGF-1, which makes it an optimal choice for athletes and bodybuilders, and also for the ones who are just looking to improve their general physical fitness with an increase in stamina.

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that the male participants over 60 years old who took GH for six months gained on average 8.8% lean body mass and lost 14% fat mass. [10]


This peptide works as an inhibitor of the presynaptic reuptake of noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. In layman language, it means the suppression of appetite by blocking these neurotransmitter mentioned above and thus aiding in weight loss.

A study conducted on 203 obese patients for two weeks suggested that tesofensine has the ability to reduce weight two times more than the approved drugs available in the markets currently for obesity. [11]

Peptide Therapy helps you drop fat, not just weight, in a matter of weeks, not months.

Various benefits of peptides

It is now crystal clear that peptides work by stimulating the pituitary gland to release more human growth hormone in the bloodstream.  As mentioned above, some of the peptides also elevate the production of insulin-like growth factor, which is perfect for gaining lean muscle and restricts some neurotransmitters that are responsible for weight gain.

Besides helping you lose weight, peptides help in solving other medical conditions as well. AOD9604 may have the potential to repair cartilage and be used as a treatment for muscle and joint disorders such as Osteoarthritis. [12] Ipamorelin is said to be the number one peptide with anti-ageing properties. The benefit doesn’t just stop there as it could also improve your sleep cycle, mood, bone density, immune function and body composition. [13] Tesamorelin could help improve cognition in adults over the age of 60. In a study, GHRP6 reduced lung and renal injuries and could be used for the prevention of multiple organ failure. [14] Peptides are also being used as therapeutic anti-inflammatory agents, and for cancer treatments, as they offer minimal immunogenicity and excellent tissue penetrability. [15] [16]

Advisable dosage for every peptide

Peptides force the body to burn the fat that is already stored excessively for the purpose of energy. The average fat loss peptide cycle is 3-6 months to get the desired results. Whether you are working out or just talking, eating, working or sleeping, its formula will still work. For any natural or mimicking supplement to work best, physical activeness is always important.

Generally with peptides short courses are advised. These are the advisable dosage for every peptide we have talked about above-

  • AOD9604- 300 mcg-1mg
  • Ipamorelin- 100 -500 mcg
  • Tesamorelin- 1-2 mg
  • CJC1925 (DAC)- 2 mg
  • GHRP6- 100-150 mcg
  • Tesofensine- 1 mg

How to use growth hormone (peptide) stack?

Another way to get even more exceptional results is to opt for peptide stacking. Fat loss peptide cycle is optimal when you combine a proper amount of different peptides together carefully. This promotes fat loss, takes care of your physique and overall health, and also improves anabolism, that is, the building-up aspect of metabolism.

But just like it is important to carefully follow the instructions for anything you put inside your body, it is also strongly advisable to consult a certified physician to see the best results and avoid the possible side-effects by going overboard with it.

What you should know before adding them to your routine?

Buying peptides from a trusted source is extremely important. Your work doesn’t stop after buying peptides from a legitimate company because the dosage specified on it wouldn’t necessarily be for you. Therefore, it is always best to work with a medical professional to tailor the “stack” and dosages according to your needs and medical history/conditions.

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Medical Disclaimer:

The Information in this guide is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician and is for informational purposes only. The information is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you saw or read on my website.

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